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"Great schools emerge
from a caring community, engaged teachers
and dedicated trustees who listen to parents
and prioritize student success."
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Thank you, Coquitlam!

Congratulations to Mayor Stewart, and Councillors Craig Hodge, Teri Towner, Steve Kim, Brent Asmundson, Matt Djonlic, Trish Mandewo, Robert Mazzarolo, and Dennis Marsden, on your successful election for 2022.

And heartfelt thanks to Harvey Su, Paul Lambert, Ben Craig, Leslie Roosa, Benjamin Perry, Sean Lee, Carl Trepanier, Rob Bottos, Ali Tootian, Phillip Buchan, Mo Darwish, Cameron McBryer and Brian Misera for putting your names forward in the hope of serving the community.
 All the best to each of you.

Zoe Royer has been a resident of the Tri-Cities for the past 18 years. She is accessible and responsive to residents, and actively engaged in the community. Drawing on her 22 years in healthcare, and her recent, decade-long experience as a Port Moody city Councillor and library trustee, Zoe Royer's community leadership and advocacy for inclusivity, livability, and sustainability made her a wise choice for voters.

Creative, collaborative and thoughtful, Zoe leads by example. She feels her role is to listen first to the community, then set policy while being mindful and respectful of others.  Zoe has deep roots in the community, and the experience and dedication to excel in the role of Coquitlam city Councillor.

A vibrant, resilient, inclusive community celebrates the diversity of its' citizens. And everyone feels safe, respected and valued. 

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