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City Workers are Heroes!!

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Supporting our city workers

Daily work in the city of Coquitlam is supported by many people. Behind the care of parks and facilities, boulevards, street maintenance, library, IT staff (and much more) that help make Coquitlam a fully functioning city, is a team of workers, the often unsung heroes of making sure our daily life runs smoothly as we move about the City. 


They are the ones who showed up for work every day to make sure the conveniences, facilities and programs we've come to enjoy continued 24/7 during the immense challenges of the Covid 19 pandemic. After all, a happy city depends on the hard work of its people.


For this, we owe city workers an enormous debt of gratitude. 


CUPE Local 386 for the city of Coquitlam, and Canada's CUPE is a union that advocates for workers who deliver the public services people depend on. Their members live in our communities and work in hospitals, schools, cities, and many other public spaces. CUPE helps their members provide the highest level of service by ensuring they are safe and healthy at work, and that they get fair pay and benefits for the services they provide. They also advocate for better public services, like improvements to public health care and to the Canada Pension Plan, that would improve our communities and the lives of all Canadians.

When we support workers, the whole community benefits.

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